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The Questions & Answers LIVE sessions are an exclusive and unique opportunity to contact with some of the speakers of the International Esthetic Masters 2017. During these sessions you will be able to interact directly with renowned lecturers, watching the discussions around some specific subjects and getting all your questions answered. This is a unique way of enhancing your studies and what you have learned throughout the intensive week of the congress.

Digital workflow in implant dentistry

The integration of digital protocols is a present reality and a certain future in dental implantology.

The state of digital art, essentially aims at simplifying clinical acts with greater predictability and speed, with clear benefit to the patient. Digital technology has also allowed the integration of once hard-to-master technologies such as zirconia one-piece implants or the use of pre-fabricated customized abutments. The mechanical part of protocols is undoubtedly important. However, it is in the area of Biology and Physiology to implant that these digital technologies make a difference in relation to conventional technologies. In the aesthetic and social arena Zirconia implants are no longer seen as a last resource therapy but are now viable options for implant supported rehabilitations. In this context, in this course you will learn how the digital technology and zirconia came to help perimplant biology, confronting biochemistry, biology, aesthetics and function. You will also learn what should be the steps to the success with this type of treatment.

The keys for the success of your minimally invasive dentistry

One of the main concerns of the patients regarding every dental treatment is how long will it last and, nowadays, how much conservative it will be. In fact, in this new era of digital dentistry, some concerns related to the clinical treatment and the clinical execution may tend to be neglected. This detailed and advanced course on the Keys for the success of your minimally invasive dentistry will focus in the clinical steps, that lead you to a correct and long-lasting outcome of each treatment. Throughout this course, we will guide you on pre-op functional evaluation, on treatment planning and clinical step-by-step. At the end of the course, we expect you to have new tools to enhance your clinical practice and get the best out of science and the state of the art of the modern dentistry.

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